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Desi is” Indian” and tadka“tempering” in Hindi, delivers on the promise to provide you with an authentic, yet elegantly modern take on Indian cuisine. Restaurateur Cripsan D'souza, inspired to share his love for the food and culture of his India dishes & spices, assembled a talented team to create a world-class food that would re-define how Indian cuisine is presented on the international gastronomic stage. The team shares a vision of the future for Indian cuisine, an endeavor to improve the purest traditional and regional cuisines, while simultaneously creating innovative, modern dishes and interpretation. Our passion is a contemporary restaurant offering dining experiences to satisfy all aspects of fine cuisine, in a vibrant and trendsetting ambience. Desi tadka is a place of gathering, a place of celebration, a place for business and a place for pleasure with a pinch of tadka in it.

Meet our team

Cripsan D'souza

General Manager

Started his journey in 2002 as a server. He has worked for different countries as a food service supervisor He came to Canada in 2012. He is about passionate cooking skills and he always wanted to have his restaurant where he could show case his cooking skills.

Sanjay Kumar

Bar Manager

Sanjay Kumar is a Bar Manager who is passionate about creating and mixing new drinks. He loves creating and innovating new Mocktails & Cocktails. He has created a numerous number of Signature Drinks popularly known as Sanju's Special.

101 Digital

Web Development Team

101 Digital team provides dedicated support in the website creation, development and changes. With our team of expertise in the field of Digital Marketing and Website Development we showcase the new offers or menu updates to the customer.

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"Indian food utilizes the entire range of flavours-fiery, sharp, sweet, and hot all simultaneously making it something that needs to leap off the plate,"

Our Features


Enjoy variety of Indian Food. The environment and the decor of the restaurant will give you a very delightful experience of your food


Order online with our partnered Food delivery website. And you can directly order with us we accept bulk orders only.


Reserve your spot at our restaurant for any occasion in advance. If you want to spend time with your family, friends our close ones.